Order & Care FAQs

Hey there!

Whether you are an experienced art collector or just starting out, below is a full list of details, information and more. 

Where do I shop?

Focused Artworks by Emily Rosario – FocusedArtworks

Do you have an art gallery?

Yes. Gallery – FocusedArtworks

Want to order a custom?

Please email focusedartworks@gmail.com with details, size and a brief description of your request. Email responses will be answered as soon as 24-48 hours.

I received my art print. How do I take care of it to last a long time?

The best way to take care of you art print print is to avoid direct sunlight, and keep in a room controlled room. It is also best to AVOID TOUCHING THE ACTUAL PRINT with your hands. This is premium art paper and can get dirty if it is constantly being touched. That is one reason why I have each print packed in an individual plastic wrap.

What paper types do you use for your art prints?

Belgian Canvas (425g) - for Limited Edition Variant

Prized for years this european textile is woven in Belgium by Master of Linen club. It has a natural rich color and is lint-free and hypoallergenic.

Hahnemuhle's Torchon (285g) - for Poetic Art + Poetic Art Variants

Acid free fine art paper with a parchment paper surface. This paper is coated for excellent image sharpness and optimum color graduation. The coating also offers a very high level of water resistance.

Entrada (300g) & Lasal (230g) - for Open Edition Prints

These papers are an economical favorite for fine art reproduction prints, featuring a smooth surface, heavy weight, neutral white matte paper. It is engineered for accurate color reproduction that provides beautiful high contrast duplicate of the original.

What does g/GSM mean on a paper?

GSM is a fancy way of saying the thickness of the paper. The thicker the print is, the more sturdy it will be. Ex: 300g is thicker than 230g.

Why does it cost more to get an Autograph & Stamp?

Every time you order a print with a signature, you will automatically also get a protected coating added for FREE*** This is a special and unique coating that goes on top of the completed print. It will be added to your order at not extra charge as a way of an additional way to elongate your print for years to come as opposed to purchasing the print without the signature.

If you do decide to buy the print with no signature, stamp or free protective spray, I cannot guarantee a long lasting print. It will begin to fade faster than one with an authorized signature stamp.

Also as long as you keep proof of purchase with the purchased art print, my signed art will also increase in value as the print gets older.