About Emily Rosario

Emily Rosario, also known as ©EmilyIsFocused, is an television, film and commercial actress, trained martial artist, stunt performer, elite track and field athlete and entrepreneur that has established her eCommerce art shop called, Focused Artworks ©.

After working on the concept of Focused Artworks for over 2 years, Emily has finally properly established this unique art concept, combing 3D art forms, Acrylic Paint and digital editing.

When Emily was growing as a young girl, she has been told that her first word was flower. Emily has always loved flowers, from having her first screen name with Sunflower and adding flower tattoos to herself as she got older, Emily adds the concept of the flower to all of her art.

She has also created beautiful poems that circa the 2015 era. Never before published, she plans on adding a poetic art work collection.