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The Garden of Happiness 18x24" - Archival Collection

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- Printed Matte on 310gsm Hahnemühle's Photo Rag 
- Only 50 Available Worldwide
- Made in the USA

Hand embellishments are added with metallic acrylic paint, additional accents and more. It will also come signed, stamped and with a certificate of authenticity. This item will take 2-4 weeks to ship as it is made to order.

About the Archival Photo Rag:

The ultimate way to add to your art collection, it comes in an premium 100% cotton paper with a smooth surface texture – guarantees archival standards. Added hand embellished pieces will add to it's unique look making it a complete unique one-of-a-kind piece to your art collection. 

Information on the Art Piece: 

The Garden of Happiness is the first official art print created by Emily Rosario, owner of Focused Artworks. She has many works ready for publishing but she felt this was the first art to really describe her true meaning to the world of art and the beauty of color. 

Focused Artworks by Emily Rosario

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All Images ©️Emily Rosario


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