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The Red Rose 16" X 20" - Limited Edition Hand Decorated Version
The Red Rose 16" X 20" - Limited Edition Hand Decorated Version

The Red Rose 16" X 20" - Limited Edition Hand Decorated Version

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THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER**** WILL TAKES 3-6 WEEKS FOR COMPLETION AND SHIPPING. This product will come unframed shipped as a rolled canvas.


The ultimate way to add to your art collection, it comes in an expensive Belgian Linen Canvas. It is lint-free and hypoallergenic. Added hand embellished pieces will add to it's unique look making it a complete unique one-of-a-kind piece to your art collection.

 -A Hands On Project that will be unique to each number** Not one limited edition will be exactly the same.

-Each unique piece will have slight variants per individual piece

-This includes hand embellished with a variety of painted and colored in accents that will be unique to each individual limited edition copy

-One unique hand embellished artwork that will be no other in the limited edition collection; Example: Maybe one will have more black, one will have more pink, all unique with its number as it is not factory produced

-It will come a limited number of 50* and a certificate proof of authenticity and stamped

This fine art print also comes with a Limited Edition certificate that is printed on fine art Entrada Bright 300gsm, with a signature, official stamp and date and title of the art work, all hand written by the creator and Owner of Focused Artworks, Emily Rosario.


Confused about paper sizes, the authorized signature stamp option or paper thickness? Check out my page here for more information.

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