Incognito 16x20" - Belgian Canvas Variant

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THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER**** WILL TAKES 3-6 WEEKS FOR COMPLETION AND SHIPPING. This product will come unframed shipped as a rolled canvas.


- 100% Authentic Copyrighted Art
- Only 50 Available Worldwide
- Printed Matte on Belgian Linen Canvas
- Made in the USA


I really wanted to give an homage to the Cannabis Stavis leaf. It is from the flowering plants from a taxonomic rank of the family Cannabaceae. Once seen as an illegal substance to now becoming a well effective medicinal treatment to sick patients really touches my heart. This plant has come a long way and I really feel my efforts to prize this leaf as a positive and effective way to treat people has helped create this into a permanent piece.

I really wanted to get a watercolor effect but I used acrylic paints to achieve that look. I used a matte deep red/blush color, a deep true blue, a turquoise blue and a metallic waterfall green into this painting. I also used a glitter olive on the leaves to give it this beautiful natural looking alive feeling to the plant.

This very controversial plant has truly earned it's title as "Incognito"

The ultimate way to add to your art collection, it comes in an expensive Belgian Linen Canvas. It is lint-free and hypoallergenic. Added hand embellished pieces will add to it's unique look making it a complete unique one-of-a-kind piece to your art collection.

Important to Note:

Each Canvas will have a slight variable look making it a Variant* as well. Therefore, purchasing more than one will offer the buyer two separate kinds of finished looks.

These Limited Edition Variants include unique hand embellishments with a variety of painted and colored in accents.

They will each will come numbered 1-50 until sold out. 

This fine art print also comes with a Limited Edition certificate that is printed on fine art Entrada Bright 300gsm, with a signature, official stamp and date and title of the art work, all hand written by the creator and Owner of Focused Artworks, Emily Rosario.


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