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Love Punk, 8.5x11" Artist Proof Variant 1 of 1

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-UNIQUE test print missing the color LIGHT MAGENTA 
-Lasal 235gsm Photo Matte fine art paper


Love Punk was based off of Emily's perception of love at the time. To her, True Love is past the time of life. In the image, a zombie-like bride is portrayed stating that with death, love is finally achieved. Meaning that the bride, she won't be married upon death because she was too afraid to find love again. As we know, Love is such a powerful and emotional feeling. To be able to present yourself truly and whole fully in a relationship is a ride in itself. The bride who is a "punk" decided to find marriage within herself finding that true love only exists within a person, and not with another partner.

Perfect for Art Collectors, this is the FIRST ARTIST PROOF print for the Love Punk print. 

This fine art print also comes with a Limited Edition certificate that is printed on fine art Entrada Bright 300gsm, with a signature, official stamp and date and title of the art work, all hand written by the creator and Owner of Focused Artworks, Emily Rosario.


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